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communication or graphic design?

There has been a lot of talk over the years, here at UF, nationally and internationally about the term “graphic design” and its significance. Most recently, ICOGRADA – the international graphic design organization that is the umbrella for national and regional graphic design organization – change their name to reflect the 2007 congress vote that “communication design” is the preferred term.

from their recent newsletter: “Aligning its official name with the language adopted by the General Assembly 23 in La Habana (Cuba), the delegates in Taipei ratified Icograda changing the name of the Council from the ‘International Council of Graphic Design Associations’ to the ‘International Council of Communication Design.’ Past President Russell Kennedy described the new name as honouring the Council’s history by retaining ‘Icograda’ as its primary identifier, while embracing the emerging fields and expanded media practice of communication design.”



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